More About Me
I am a licensed Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker and Realtor in both MA and NH, holding a Broker's license in both states, for over 20+ years.
My main strengths are authenticity, assertiveness, transparency and ability to “get it done”. My attention to even the smallest of details in every transaction allows you to feel confident and assured nothing will slip by unnoticed. Having a background working with high profile clients, owning my own Real Estate Brokerage and running a successful team has taught me firsthand to be obsessively thorough. I am also a highly skilled negotiator when it comes to handling the largest asset most of us ever own in our lives. Your real estate transaction is the most important part of my day and working with me you will know you matter because you do. I take pride in my commitment that I consistently bring to you and your family, which will be clear from my work ethic.
What sets me apart from other Realtors? My strategic business and negotiating skills, which will always have your best interests in mind. In addition to my ability to be resourceful in finding resolutions to most anything that comes up during our transaction. You can rest assured you will be well taken care of.
I was born and raised in both MA and NH. I have lived in this area of Southern NH for almost 40 years. I have an MBA from Southern NH University. I have vast knowledge of the cities, towns and communities within Southern NH and Northern MA.
With so many agents out there, choosing the right agent comes down to numbers!!!
Since the pandemic, the housing market has changed so incredibly. Homes were sold before they even hit the MLS so professionally speaking, this has not been a “real” market in which any realtor can base their “true” credentials. Through my decades as a Realtor and my expertise being primarily as a Listing Agent, my sales price to listed price ratio has been consistently 97.6%
What this means for you? Your home is sold for the highest price possible within the least amount of time because it was priced properly and aggressively marketed before the home even hits the marketplace. I start working for you the minute you decide to hire me to represent you.
Again, prior to the pandemic, my average days on the market: 15 days. What this means for you? All the work and preparation we did getting your home ready for the market has paid off for you.
I now only work by referral and with repeat clients. Through my years, 83% of my business has come from repeat clients and referrals. What this means to you? My past clients have been extremely happy to return to do business with me as well as feel confident to refer their friends, family members, co-workers and sphere of influence knowing they will be well taken care of.